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Tec-Mobil Group manufactures a proprietary range of metal containers with 4 product lines: the Box "AT", the Cabinet with Bookstand "BX", the Stand-Alone Cabinet "MB", and the Modular Cabinet "VF". We employ up-to-date and fully automatic equipment, such as the Finn-Power Bending Cell "Express Bender", the Finn-Power SG4 shearing and punching cell and the Wiedemann double cell press "Centrum 1000". Our technological capabilities and the ongoing monitoring of our manufacturing process allow us to offer you products with a constant quality over time. Thanks to the melted compound of polyurethane polymers applied on the closure connections and the care that we put in assembling our cabinets, they are water- and dust-resistant to IP55 international standard. The painting is done by electrostatic application of thermosetting epoxy-polyester powder, which is subsequently dried in the oven at a temperature of 180° Celsius. Each metal box is offered in the standard RAL 7032 colour (light grey) for the main structure and the RAL 7022 colour (black) for the base. At the customer's request, we can make custom modifications and paint the product in all colours of the RAL colour chart. Also, the entire article - or just a part of it, for example its base - can be made in Stainless Steel

Box "AT"


The new series of metal boxes "AT" is particularly suitable to contain small electrical equipment or pneumatic systems. Its structure consists in one press-formed metal sheet, 15/10 thick, with a front door to house the 20/10-thick galvanized steel panel. The metal box is also provided with slots to fix it at the wall and locks to keep it better closed.
Width Height Depth
300 400 200
400 500 200
400 600 200
500 700 200
600 800 200
Cabinet with bookstand "BX"


Horizontal cabinet with bookstand top in 15/10-thick metal sheet. It is provided with a single or double front door (based on cabinet size), an instrument control panel and a 20/10-thick galvanized steel cabling panel. To ensure that the user can operate in complete safety, a mechanical lock enables the control panel to be lifted only when the main doors are open, and therefore when the master switch has been disconnected.
Width Height Depth
500 1160 400
600 1160 400
800 1160 400
1000 1160 400
1200 1160 400
1400 1160 400
1600 1160 400
2000 1160 400
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Stand-alone cabinet "MB"


Vertical cabinet built as one single structure in electric-welded steel sheet, 15/10 thick. This light, yet strong cabinet is provided with a door to insert from the front the 25/10-thick galvanized steel panel. Each cabinet is supplied with two lifting eyebolts to move it in a comfortable and safe way.
Width Height Depth
600 1900 400
800 1900 400
1000 1900 400
1200 1900 400
Modular cabinet "VF"


This cabinet is characterized by a framework in electric-welded reinforced section bars where the 15/10-thick press-formed metal sheet sides and doors are screwed. These features make this article extremely strong, and also they make it possible to connect more cabinets to obtain the width that better suits the customer’s needs, who can connect to each others the 25/10-thick galvanized steel internal panels. The four eyebolts that are directly secured to the framework allow the operator to safely lift even the cabinets of bigger size.
Width Height Depth
600 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200 500, 600
800 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200 500, 600
1000 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200 500, 600
1200 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200 500, 600
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Armadio PC


The cabin is composed of a strengthened electro-welded steel section support frame to which 15/10 thick press-formed sheet metal sides and doors are applied. Side panels are characterised by exclusive processing providing the board with an innovative design and leading to a single one-piece frame accessible for cabling purposes from both the front and rear opening. The inside is subdivided in several shelves to comfortably host PC components and a flap to host the keyboard and mouse. The cabin is equipped with four eyebolts anchored directly to the support frame to ensure safe hoisting and can be equipped with a 19'' rack unit with accessories upon request.
Width Height Depth
600, 800 1600, 1800 600
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