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Thanks to our 30 years long expertise in the light metalwork industry, we have had the chance to work with several well-established firms, who have always been entrusting us with their designs so that their most varied requirements could be met, from a small casing to large size models. By using both automated technology and manual machines, we are able to manufacture our articles in a still "artisanal" way, to create completely customized frameworks to satisfy our customers’ most demanding needs. Our extremely skilled workers allows us to create custom-made articles both in painted sheet metal and Stainless Steel, thus guaranteeing a product with superior features in terms of strength, durability and performance. Thanks to the quality of steel processing and the care of our finishes, our products are able to meet the technical and aesthetical requirements of the food, pharmaceutical and biomedical industry.

These are only a few examples of what we can do starting from your own design...

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soundproofing booth
For the company Sima s.r.l. we have built and assembled a soundproofing booth for a textile machine system. The framework is in two-tone painted metal sheet with sliding access doors and windows to directly control the system.
stainless steel control panel
Aisi 304 Stainless Steel control panel made for the company Panini s.r.l. This box - equipped with aeration fan and transparent door - has been installed on an autoclave system to sterilize food containers.
Pipe test bench
Pipe test bench built for A.F.S. s.r.l.
This article - equipped with a transparent opening to house the screen - has been used to house an impulse test system on connected pipes.
stainless steel instrument panel
This stainless steel cabinet was made to meet the durability and sanitary requirements of the food industry. The door with handle and the removable front panel allow the operator to easily access it both for the cabling procedures and the finale usage.
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